Stages of Sales Cycle

Improve the Stages of Your Sales Cycle for Competitive Success

While there usually is very little agreement as to how many actual stages of sales cycle there can be, more importantly –less that optimal management in each of the stages may be what's holding your sales team back. Identifying what your typical customer goes through when deciding to do business with you is crucial for correct management of your sales cycle.

Today’s business world is fierce and competitive. You can't bank on a loosely mapped conventional sales cycle for future business health and revenue. You must become innovative in navigating the most effective ways of executing the sales in your pipeline. But don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. There are ways to improve your sales cycle stages by maximizing tools you use everyday - and without learning any new complicated processes. With ProsperWorks as your CRM, determine and gain better commitment, execute and deliver better prospects, and provide your team a successful, new definition of each stage of your sales cycle.

ProsperWorks is the #1 platform recommended and used by Google as their own CRM that focuses on better:

  • Opportunities – analyze your buy cycle to shorten your sales cycle using accurate and transparent business data crucial to reporting, analytics, and forecasting
  • Simplicity - offering seamless integration with current workflows using the entire Google suite ecosystem like Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, and more
  • Strategies ­– nurture and develop better relationships by having a clear understanding of how long something should be in the pipeline before it should either close, be deemed dead, or put back into the leads funnel
  • Mobility and Security – cross platform experience and the highest data security standards in the industry

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