Manage Your Team and Workflow with Web CRM

Today's web CRM tends to be costly, underused, and complex leading to inaccurate business forecasts. Use ProsperWorks to improve how you manage your teams and workflows for better business decisions and accelerated sales.

With ProsperWorks, you’ll have an abundance of business data all in one place, and it will be accurate. You won’t lose sight of your end goal, which is to leverage data to drive and inform actions and decisions across your business. ProsperWorks’ tough security standards, powerful integration with G Suite, and seamless experience on any device have made ProsperWorks the only CRM recommended by Google. ProsperWorks web CRM delivers:

  • Zero-input capabilities: Leverage information from your email, calendar, Linkedin, Twitter, and more to ensure totality of the record and keep your contact information up-to-date
  • Collaboration: Track changes and updates made by teams through the activity feed and enhanced reporting for real-time visibility
  • Simplicity and ease: A robust integration with Google’s G Suite that takes less than 5 minutes to set up
  • Customization: Anyone in your company can manage, track, organize, and oversee operations across multiple areas of business within a single system
ProsperWorks is a 100% cloud based CRM that was built using the latest web and mobile technology combined with decades of knowledge about how good CRM applications operate. Download our playbook to see how we can work for your team.

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