What are Customer Relationship Management Systems

Learn what a Customer Relationship Management System can do to Make Order out of Your Contact Chaos

What are Customer Relationship Management systems? And, how to they apply to me and my business? Pondering and researching may not elicit much enthusiasm as one of the biggest reasons CRM apps seem scary is that they’re so varied. 

While CRMs might sound complicated, or feel like the latest technological buzzword mentioned in business magazines or in passing - a CRM is about people. So as you are thinking and researching the best options and asking yourself key questions, remember that all CRMs’s are designed to do the same thing – to organize your contacts and help you understand your contacts and processes better.

Eliminate the biggest hurdle by focusing on which CRM will be the best utilized and not a burden to the people using it. ProsperWorks specifically designed a CRM that integrates seamlessly into everyday workflow by utilizing the complete suite of Google Apps to turn messy inboxes into an organized place where you’ll actually stay in touch with the customers and contacts that matter most. With no new complicated processes or programs to learn, automatic data entry, and no double tasking – you can begin working in minutes and always know where deals stand at any given time through your funnel.

ProsperWorks is the #1 choice for a growing business because:

  • It eliminates the complexity to organize, view, and maintain meaningful relationships.
  • Google both recommends and utilizes us as their very own CRM – as we easily scale from sales teams of 1 to Fortune 500 companies
  • Intuitive insights turns leads into opportunities – see which contacts need the human touch, crucial communication, or adjustments to the current course to drive deals home

Make order out of the chaos of your normal business interactions. Try ProsperWorks free today for 14-days and let us help you see the big picture and the smallest details vital to your business.