What is Customer Relationship

What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

When you ask business owners, “What is the most important thing to your business?” The answers almost all boil down to "My relationship with my customers.” Ironically, they haven't found the top tool to address just that - a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.  What is a CRM? 

Before you add all the bells and whistles, a great CRM is for organization, automation, and visibility. It's harnessing the best data to cultivate  customer relationships. At ProsperWorks, we’ve chosen to partner with Google and focus exclusively on extending our lead as the #1 CRM for Google Cloud.  Seamlessly join all your data in one place, without the work.  We provide data that is comprehensive, fresh, relevant and trustworthy.

Great data means ProsperWorks' CRM can:

  • Be an intelligent sales assistant that shows your team through data what they should do next to win
  • Help you set attainable and ambitious goals
  • Identify risks in your sales funnel
  • Be your data-driven VP of Sales in the pocket of every sales rep

ProsperWorks was founded to give every business, that has ambitions to grow, a CRM that they will actually use and love. We look forward to partnering in your success. Start our free trial today.