What is the Customer Relationship Management

Developing Your Strategies with Customer Relationship Management and what They can do for You.

A significant number of growing businesses struggle along with index cards, sticky notes, spreadsheets or worse – the brain that can’t remember what they ate for breakfast, to try and keep up. At some point however, these “systems” become cumbersome and highly inefficient. So then, what is the best customer relationship management strategy?

Few technologies have changed the landscape of sales and marketing like CRM. The sheer volume of data that you can track with an effective CRM system is staggering. When you have the ability to unlock key information at scale, you develop better relationships, better understanding of your customer's needs and preferences and better practices in managing, organizing, tracking and storing all customer interactions. In short, CRM is the lifeblood of modern day sales and marketing.

With ProsperWorks CRM, you can develop a more efficient way to personalize your customer experience by:

  • Tracking, segmenting, and then centralizing contacts for better insights into your processes
  • Developing mobile access to a world of information wherever you are on any device
  • Reducing the time to make your CRM operational land usable – ProsperWorks integrates in minutes with the entire Google apps ecosystem and is as easy to use as Gmail
  • At-a-glance capabilities to see where prospects are in your sales funnel and in have a better understanding of how to push them through to close.

As the only CRM to be endorsed, recommended and used by Google themselves – find out how ProsperWorks can help you grow your business to better success with our risk-free 14-day trial.