Customer Research Panel

Here at ProsperWorks, we’re committed to making the most seamless, easy-to-use CRM product on the market. Your feedback will help us better understand your needs so we can deliver a product experience you love.  That’s why we created ProsperPanel.

ProsperPanel members will get the opportunity to opt in to beta features, participate in usability tests and provide product feedback. If this is of interest, please fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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Who can participate?

Anyone! Different perspectives help us get the whole picture on how our product could be improved and where we’re excelling.

How often will I be contacted?

We’ll be reaching out periodically. It is totally optional to participate in the various programs we’ll have running, so participate if it makes sense in your schedule!

How will I be contacted?

We’ll reach out over email! Make sure the email you provide is your preferred address for us to contact you.

What will the time commitment be?

This depends on the particular programs. Sometimes we’ll have a quick 5 minute survey and other times we’ll be looking for in-depth research calls which could take up to a half hour. As we mentioned, it is totally optional to participate in the various programs we’ll have running. Participate in the ones that make the most sense for your schedule!

What are all the ways I can provide feedback?

Depending on each program, you may be able to provide feedback over the phone, via email, through an online survey, via a video call, or in person. The ProsperWorks representative who invites you to participate in each program will always provide instructions for how to best deliver your feedback.