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Google Customers

"With ProsperWorks, sales teams can interact with their customers from within Gmail and Google Hangouts; and work on customer proposals and sales forecasts with Google Docs and Drive."


Managing Director, Google Apps and Search at Work

“Other CRM providers forced us to map our sales process into their system - not the other way around. ProsperWorks is a flexible system that accommodates what we need to manage our sales process.”


Lead Evangelist, eShares

eShares Customer
Udacity Customers

“In one easy-to-use report, I can see velocity, how fast customers are moving through our sales funnel, and how soon they are going to be real customers.”


President and COO, Udacity

“ProsperWorks streamlined our sales process. Our team is communicating better, and we can easily pick up tasks where others have left off. More importantly, we’re servicing our customers in a more efficient, productive way.”


Events and Sales Manager, Il Fiorello Olive Oil Company

Il Fiorello Olive Oil Customer
Love Your Melon Customer

“I wanted to ensure my team was focused on our mission, and not the clerical work associated with manual data entry. As soon as I set up our ProsperWorks account, everything made sense - it was not an obstructive interface and my team was easily able to transition.”


National Program Director, Love Your Melon

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