Save your team from manual tasks.

Automate tedious tasks & manual data entry so you can sell more, faster.

No more typing. Just hit enter.

Manually entering and updating contact information is by far the most frustrating thing about most CRMs. We take care of this by scraping contact information and pre-populating it in ProsperWorks so all you have to do is hit enter—and poof, they're in! Plus, we analyze your recent conversations and suggest contacts you may have missed.


Every communication in one centralized place.

ProsperWorks integrates with Gmail so every email, text message and file is attached to the contact. You’ll never have to find “that one” thread or remember to CC an email to keep your colleagues in the loop.


Send and reply to emails, without leaving your CRM.

As someone who runs on maximum speed, you understand how quickly minutes add up in a day. We built our Email Send and Reply functionality so you never have to leave your CRM, saving you minutes you could be selling.

Suddenly remember you need to send an email for tomorrow’s client meeting? Shoot out a quick note straight from ProsperWorks!


Track engagement with your emails in real-time.

ProsperWorks sends an alert when someone reads your email so you can easily track engaged contacts and know exactly when to follow-up or continue the conversation.


Let automated actions simplify your workflow.

It’s a lot of work to effectively maintain and manage your book of business. Whether it’s sending calendar invites, setting follow-up tasks, updating statuses, or sending out a proposal - we automate next steps so you can focus on selling. Not only are you getting time back, you’re staying true to your process.

  • After setting up a meeting with new prospects, you can automatically assign a follow-up task
  • Opportunities moved to demo can be automatically assigned a follow-up task to the entity owner
  • Automatically assign time-based follow-up tasks to reach out when a lead or opportunity has been sitting idle for a week
  • Automated_tasks

    Get visibility into team productivity.

    Whether it’s a logged phone call, a new opportunity added, a completed task, or a lead status change, you get to see all the hard work your team is doing.


    Easily manage and report on different pipelines.

    Have different types of prospects or projects to manage? No problem. In ProsperWorks, you can set up multiple sales and business pipelines and build a customized process for each of them. You’ll be able to support different teams with multiple workflows and customize it to their exact needs! You can then track it all through our robust reporting suite.


    Integrated VoIP Calling

    Are you and your team wasting time manually entering phone calls and missing insights on which activities drive results? We integrate with the RingCentral phone system so you can make, receive and log calls directly through ProsperWorks with a simple click. With Click-to-dial and quick-log functionality, you will increase productivity and improve the quality of your data, giving you better insight into your conversion rates and enabling you to forecast more accurately.

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