Fuel your decisions with data

Powerful, out-of-the-box reporting and analytics so you can sell smarter.

Get a 360° view of your business

Out-of-the box pipeline reports get you the insights you need to fine tune your sales process.


Move deals through the pipeline at the right pace.

Plan Accordingly

Ensure you have enough pipeline in each stage.


Track the source of each opportunity in your pipeline.

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All the data you need without the reporting headache

ProsperWorks dashboards give you a visual overview of your pipeline from lead to win rates - no manual reporting necessary.

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Don’t guess if you’ll make plan. Know

Every sales leader wants to avoid the end of quarter fire-drill. ProsperWorks allows you to more accurately predict future revenue with an integrated forecasting and pipeline projection tool. On any given day, you’ll be able to see how much money is in your pipeline and how likely it is to close, so you can plan ahead and course correct.

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It’s 3pm, do you know what your team is doing?

Activity tracking allows you to see calls, emails, meetings, demos and calendar events by team or user, so you can hold your team accountable for driving results.

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