Position yourself to exceed goals, faster.

Set goals, track performance and get insights. All in one place.

Enable your team to be goal-oriented.

If you want to run a best-in-class sales team, you should set clear and aggressive goals for them to be measured against. We make it easy to set goals and track your progress toward them on a daily basis.

Set multiple targets

Establish individual and company targets for revenue, opportunities created, meetings set, emails sent, calls made and more.

See how you’re pacing

Get visibility into progress against targets without pulling reports.

Coach reps to success

Get all the data you need for a one-on-one right at your fingertips.


Create a competitive environment.

Salespeople are competitive—so why not make it easy for them to compare themselves to the top performer? With the click of a button you can see who the top performers are by revenue, meetings set, calls made, and emails sent. You can even use filters to compare teams and different pipelines over varying time periods.


Help your team prioritize their day.

We know you’re constantly seeking tools, advice, and best practices for making your team more productive. With this dashboard directly in your Gmail CRM, your team will spend less time wondering what they should do next and execute. Each person has a customized view that summarizes their schedule and tasks so they know what to focus on that day without ever leaving the CRM.

  • See upcoming meetings and events
  • Know which follow-up tasks are most urgent
  • Add new leads and suggested contacts from your email
  • Sales_dashboard

    Don’t let leads fall through the cracks.

    Most sales and marketing leaders are constantly wondering “are leads are falling through the cracks” and “am I getting high quality leads?” The leads dashboard answers both of these questions by visually displaying leads by source and status so you can see what’s producing the best pipeline. We make it easy to compare conversion rates to historical performance and sort by team or timeframe so you always have a complete picture of where leads are coming from and if they are producing for you.


    See the metrics you care about - in one place.

    It’s no easy task to get ahold of all the metrics you need to properly evaluate your team and business. Usually you have to pull a lot of reports, and sometimes you’re not even sure where to find the data. The sales dashboard gives you a scorecard for every salesperson’s performance and an overview of pipeline status and team activity. You no longer have to wonder how you’re pacing towards goals.

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